Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's got to end

Seems there is no end in sight. Still in daily pain. Now suffering even more with depression and have developed anxiet and panic attacks that have become severe, to the point I can't even leave my house. I have prayed, begged and pleaded for god or anyone to help me. My mental capacity is at a breaking point and I'm tired. I worry about my family and what I am putting them through. I see my wife tiring and my kids suffering all because of me. Only contact I have outside my home is to see doctors. I get up every morning sick and in pain. I go to bed sick and in pain. The doctors try to tell me it is viseral hyper-sensitivity and that's all. I don't buy it. To much sickness that goes with it. Nobody listens to me, but everyone just expects me to jump up and do all this shit, but little do they know it's all I can do to live everyday. I guess one day it will end one way or another. Think I am done writing this blog because it means nothing anyway. Nobody I know reads it and it won't help me either.

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